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Holistic Dentistry | Biological Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry Biological DentistryWhy chose holistic and biological dentistry? Answer: For the past century, the standard material used to fill cavities was a mixture or amalgam of silver and mercury with small amounts of copper, cadmium and other materials. This can cause problems as mercury is a highly toxic metal. When we have it in our mouth, we can guarantee that some will be transferred from the teeth into the body. Mercury can vaporize while chewing and through other dental procedures and move easily into the brain. We now have the education and techniques in place to safely remove those fillings and ensure our Tampa patients and staff receive minimal exposure during the extraction processes.

We safely remove amalgam fillings which are a combination of mercury, nickel, copper, silver and tin. This service includes specially designed suctions and/or non latex rubber dam, oxygen, respirators, activated charcoal, and IAOMT recommendations.

We offer testing to determine individual bio-compatibility to dental materials based on your own blood serum (Clifford Test).

All our extraction sites are cleaned out thoroughly to prevent future complications.