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What Our Patients Are Saying


I was very impressed with the knowledge and understanding that the staff had for patients with Sleep Apnea. They opened my eyes to how good sleep effects your body in many ways. I’m excited to finally be on the right track to a healthier me. I recommend that everyone just take the time for a consult. You’ll be equally impressed! J.G. 9/2016

Hiii! Well, as you all know I just love everyone at the office!! You guys are the best, and take the utmost care of your patients. I drive all the way from St. Pete to have my dentistry done by Dr. Bulnes, because she pays such great attention to detail. Janet, Stephanie, and Shirley do their best to make you appointments that fit your schedule, Amy and Jill are the worlds greatest dental assistants, and Marta and Lisa will make your teeth clean and shiny! This office rocks!! ūüôā K.K. 9/2016

Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Thanks to Dr. Bulnes, my teeth have never looked better. Even when I arrive early, I never have to wait. I should have switched dentists earlier! Marta truly cares about her patients and everyone there is just great. L.J. 8/2016

Wonderful Doctor and Staff C.H. 8/2016

I went in to have three cavities filled yesterday. I’m one of those patients who is terrified of needles, and explained this to the staff in advance. They were very understanding and made sure I was comfortable through the entire numbing process. The appointment itself took about an hour, and everyone, from reception to the dental staff, were friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Bulnes and her staff. W.D. 8/2016

I never thought I would say I love going to the dentist, but this was a great experience (again!). I love that they take time to, not only, keep up with the latest is dental medicine, but also that they take the time to educate me so I can understand and assist with my dental health (which affects overall health). J.F. 8/2016

We in to make payment and told them I was experiencing tooth sensitivity from a previous appointment and they took me in on the spot unexpected.Great customer service and free coffee to, bonus. J.P. 7/2016

Everyone in this office is very kind and efficient. Appointments are kept on time and it is a pleasure to visit. J.C. 7/2016

Thank you so much for seeing me the same day! Dr Bulnes and staff are always very pleasant and never rush you. Very knowledgeable and caring. S.W. 7/2016

Stephanie, Jill and Doc were all so very helpful and informative. I will and have already recommended you all. Very professional and courteous. Thanks! B.G. 7/2016

The team at Westchase Esthetic Denistry is the tops. Always friendly from the time you walk into the office until the time you leave. Eager to serve you with painless dental service. I am eager to start my regular dentist service as soon as we return from vacation. R.R. 6/2016

Dr Bulnes and her staff at Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry are committed to quality care. I’m a long time client and removing me from their client base would be akin to pulling a molar with your fingers. K.N. 6/2016

Best service ever. Thank you as always for the best help and honest advice. R.G. 6/2016

Excellent customer service I enjoy going. Dental sleep solutions device stopped my snoring. B.S. 6/2016

My dental hygienist Lisa and dr. Bulnes always make me feel very comfortable. Lisa particularly remembers my issues and is compassionate to my needs and problems. Although the staff is always professional, everyone greets me very warmly. C.J. 6/2016

My dental hygienist Lisa and dr. Bulnes always make me feel very comfortable. Lisa particularly remembers my issues and is compassionate to my needs and problems. Although the staff is always professional, everyone greets me very warmly. K.W. 5/2016

After taking and reviewing xrays of my teeth, Dr. Bulnes and Marta showed me what problems I had and explained the procedures that could correct the problems and the cost involved. Marta prepared a proposed treatment plan for me to take and review so I could decide what options I want to pursue. Everyone in the office were both professional and friendly. When you need to go to a Dentist I would recommend Dr. Juliet Bulnes and her staff to anyone. F.H. 5/2016

I came in to get a second opinion and was very happy with the response that i got from Dr. Bulnes. She had more information and was able to explain a lot more than the original dentist I saw. She actually agreed with about 95% of what the original dentist has said, but the delivery of her explanation was what made the difference. Dr. Bulnes and the staff were all very friendly and easy to talk to. Glad I was referred to her for a second opinion, I will definitely keep coming back for my dental needs. C.H. 4/2016

I have always felt very comfortable with my visits. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I’ve been in sales for 30 years and customer service is a lost art, but not for this group. V.V. 4/2016

Marta was great! Although I had some unpleasant work to be done she made me very comfortable and did a wonderful job. She explained everything and alleviated my fears. Dr. Bulnes was very assuring that we could get my problems taken card of. All the staff were very welcoming and friendly. T. B. 3/2016

My visit for the first time was very nice.Clean comfy lobby with friendly staff.I also had a great cup of coffee.Dr. Bulnes was very informative and I felt a sense of honesty and assurity for what was best for me.And if your looking for a hygienist with the same qualities you can’t go wrong with Marta Kacser. J.P. 3/2016

Without question Dr. Bulness-Newton and staff is first class is in every way. J.Z. 3/2016

I have always been treated great from my first appointment on. The medical device I received has improved my quality of life, as well as my wife’s. Thank you for making a Hugh difference in our lives! M.G. 3/2016

Staff was very clear, professional and compassionate. The doctor clearly explained all my options for treatment. I look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with this clinic. W.D. 2/2016

Due to having numerous, unexplained health issues for the past few years, I decided to have my mercury fillings removed. My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Bulnes. My first appointment was a consultation. Dr. Bulnes and her staff did an excellent job in explaining the precautions that would be taken when removing my fillings to protect me (and them) from mercury exposure. I went for the first of two removal appointments yesterday. They will only remove mercury from one side at a time. I had one upper and lower filling removed and aside from having my mouth propped open for a while, it really was a breeze. They took care to make sure it was pain free. The price was really not bad. Even if you don’t have insurance, save the money and get that poison out of your mouth!! I had to drive an hour to the office but it was worth it. Once more trip and I am done. L.A. 2/2016

Everything was fabulous! We were thrilled to find health care professionals who understand and practice a holistic approach to dental care, and who take the time to explain every facet of your care plan. Jill and Dr. Bulnes took an extraordinary amount of time explaining all the procedures we needed and reasoning behind them, and they answered every one of our questions. We were truly very impressed and are anxious to get started and take care of our dental needs! C.M. 2/2016

Jill is such an asset to your office. Her knowledge and professionalism along with her communication skills have created a strong loyalty to your practice from this family. All these qualities are rare in a medical professional these days – she is the total package. A perfect partner for the patient and Dr. Bulnes (who is brilliant btw). S.S. 1/2016

As always, everyone worked hard to create the perfect patient experience.  M.H. 1/2015

Please thank Dr. Juliette B. and Jill for their courteous and knowledgeable care.  L.L. 1/2015

This is the place one must visit for his/her dental service!! J. M. 1/2015

Awesome professional & informative experience!  R.P. 12/2014

Given that my Uncle was my dentist back in MI, I always seemed to get “extra” care when I went to the dentist. At Westchase, I was pleasantly surprised to be treated in such a nice manner. Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is not at the top of most peoples must-do list. However, everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly which made the visit actually quite enjoyable. Jill is awesome! And Dr. Bulnes was great as well. I am in as a patient and have already convinced my wife to try your¬†practice out. All-in-all, very, very pleased.¬† J.G. 12/2014

Friendly staff made me feel very comfortable. Very easy-going yet professional atmosphere.  M.S. 12/2014

Had a great visit! Dr. Bulnes was great to work with. The assistants are efficient and nice to deal with, and the front office is alwaysso helpful. As a busy mom, i appreciate how I was in and out quickly!  J.L. 12/2014

Had been a very long time since my last dental visit in which I was honestly scared to go though I really needed to. They made me feel very comfortable and important to them. Thank you Dr. Bulnes.  M.B. 11/2014

Dr. Bulnes and her staff were wonderful. Very thorough and understanding. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my dentistry needs! B.S. 10/2014

Thank you for adding value!  J.L. 10/2014

Already referred a friend.  J.B. 10/2014

Thank you for seeing me immediately! It’s much appreciated. H.M. 10/2014

I was so pleased with the service I received from Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry. The staff is very knowledgeable and cares for the health of their patients. The staff exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I am terrified of going to the dentist, but they made me feel at ease and I felt no pain. As a result I trust Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry to take care of all of my dental work.  J.R. 9/2014

Most professional dentist I have been to. I drive 90 miles one way, because I believe in modern dentistry?  L. J. 8/2014

Always the best at Westchase…a First Class Practice.¬†¬† L.S. 7/2014

I was so nervous and it was the best dental experience I’ve ever had in years. Thank you!¬† A.P 6/2014

Nicole, Lisa, Liane and Dr Juliet all greeted me and were true professionals. Thoroughly enjoy going to this dental office! C. J. 5/2014

Thank you. I had a great experience and am relieved to find a new dentist that does a great job.  A.F. 2/2014

Every aspect was perfect: the staff, the service, the quality, the professionalism… ALL EXCELLENT¬†¬†¬† F.O.¬†¬† 1/2014

I was early, but Lisa was there to greet me and take me back a minute after I sat down in the waiting room. She listened to my sad Christmas story and cheered me up; then gave me a terrific cleaning! Thanks!  C. J. 1/2014

Lisa’s awesome! Great personality, very caring, and always superb talent.¬† R.D. 1/2014

Great group of professionals! I really appreciate the quality of work and care you provide. Thank you! T.D.  12/2013

This is the best dental practice I have EVER been too! This includes the many I deal with in my medical practice.  M.E. 12/2013

I have always been amazed at the friendliness and the ability that your staff takes care of me and helping educate me with any questions. Keep up the great work.  A.P. 11/2013

Outstanding in every way. Thank you!  M.P. 11/2013

The doctor and staff were wonderful, professional and meticulous. I would highly recommend this office.  D. J .10/2013

I love the entire staff at Westchase and Dr. Bulnes. Great group of people. Everyone is a perfect fit for their position.  D.E. 10/2013

I truly enjoyed my visit with Heather. She is a very gentle, caring, and knowledgeable hygienist.    S.B. 9/2013

Lisa is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! The entire staff is very courteous!    M.S. 9/2013

Dr. Bulnes and her Assistant, Jill are very charming and their vast knowledge in dentistry showed. This made my visit very easy.   J.D. 9/2013

Lisa is absolutely fantastic!!!! Your staff is very courteous.  M.S. 9/2013

I have been a patient for over 10 years and I would not go anywhere else.    A.H. 9/2013

The Dr. Bulnes and her assistant Jill are very charming and their vast knowledge in dentistry showed. This made my visit very easy. And my cleaning from Heather was amazing. Thanks to the rest of staff.  J.D. 8/2013

I never feel pressured to have my work done. The staff is amazing here!    S.B. 8/2013

The hygienist goes above and beyond to help me keep my teeth clean.   T.F. 8/2013

Dr Bulnes and her staff make sure I am comfortable and relaxed during my appointment.   D.B. 8/2013

Always the best and most professional from Dr. Bulnes and her staff   L.S. 8/2013

I always have a great experience when I visit the office. The staff is always friendly, courteous and professional.   M.R. 8/2013

After having braces for three years in my teens, I never thought that my teeth would again be crooked. I met with Dr. Bulnes and her staff to see if I was a candidate for Invisalign. I began using the “aligners” after the second appointment with Dr. Bulnes and could see a difference in one week. I have been using Invisalign for several months and my teeth are almost completely straight. Dr. Bulnes’ expertise in Invisalign is stellar and I would recommend her to everyone. I now can smile with confidence because my teeth are perfect because of Dr. Bulnes and her wonderful staff!¬†¬†¬†K.K. 3/2011

I was blessed the day I was recommended to your office   B.C. 10/2010

Thank you, Dr. Bulnes for giving me a beautiful smile for my wedding day!   T.S. 10/2010

This office’s exemplary care shrouds every detail with professionalism, respect and empathy. It’s actually a joy to come to my appointments.¬†¬†¬†A.B. 10/2010