The Five Surprising Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth

Benefits of Flossing

Your dentist always reminds you to floss and brush your teeth, but many patients don’t recognize the benefits of flossing. We see brushing our teeth as non-negotiable, while flossing is more like an add-on feature. However, prioritizing flossing alongside brushing improves your oral health.

We already know flossing dislodges pesky food particles, but it does much more. We’ll explore five surprising benefits of flossing your teeth and why you should choose our family dentistry service in Tampa by Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry.

Flossing Stops Bad Breath

No one likes having or smelling bad breath, and brushing your teeth several times a day or using mouthwash can only go so far. The main culprit behind bad breath is tartar buildup, triggered by food particles trapped between your teeth. You can reduce bad breath when you floss your teeth by removing these small particles and keeping your mouth cleaner.

Flossing Prevents Gum Diseases Like Gingivitis

Flossing protects your oral hygiene by preventing gum diseases like gingivitis. Caused by tartar or plaque build-ups, gingivitis inflames your gums and may cause bleeding. When you floss, you eliminate the buildup of plaque and tartar, keeping your gums healthy.

There’s also evidence that flossing can help with weight loss. For example, animal studies show that animals with gum diseases are more likely to develop weight problems. Checking out this healthy guide to sweet tooth cravings also helps!

Flossing Can Eliminate the Chances of Heart Disease

Gingivitis causes bleeding gums, which means bacteria can more easily enter your bloodstream and attack vital organs. These attacks may trigger blood clots or even heart diseases, especially in men. Flossing can eliminate heart disease risks in the future.

Flossing May Regulate Your Diabetes

Sometimes we think of the human body as composed of separate parts, but the truth is that our body parts work together to keep us healthy and functional. One example of this process is the link between the benefits of flossing and regulating diabetes.

Without flossing, bacteria grow in your mouth at a quicker pace. This bacteria will impact your blood glucose levels, a severe problem for patients with diabetes. Regular flossing helps stabilize your blood glucose levels, thus helping to control diabetes.

Flossing Lowers Respiratory Disease Risks

Your mouth is directly connected to your body’s other organs and allows nutrients from your food to reach and sustain the rest of your body.

However, bacteria can take advantage of this by traveling from your throat to your respiratory system. Regular flossing eliminates harmful oral bacteria that can trigger pneumonia and bronchitis.

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