Common Warning Signs of Dental Related Illness

Dec 29, 2021
Common Warning Signs of Dental Related Illness
Many people know the benefits of proper dental care but they do not realize the impact it has on overall health.

Many people know the benefits of proper dental care but they do not realize the impact it has on overall health. For example, many diseases cause mouth symptoms which puts your dentist at the forefront of health care. In addition, some common dental signs could be indicators of other medical concerns.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain, cold sores, and mouth pain can all be indicators of stress. Stress could contribute to mental and physical health concerns. Proper dental care can help pinpoint the source of jaw pain, which could be gum disease or sinus issues, but also could be an indicator of something more serious.

Bleeding Gums

Aching or bleeding gums can be a symptom of gum disease. Gum disease can be more severe in individuals that have other conditions like diabetes. Those with diabetes already have a lower resistance to infection. Dental care is critical for those with these risk factors as their gums are more susceptible to inflammation and bacteria.

Tooth Loss

When teeth fall out without warning, it could be a sign of gum disease. It may also be a sign of osteoporosis, decreasing bone density and weakenings them. There is a strong link between tooth loss and osteoporosis. As bone loss occurs in the jaw, the teeth are not anchored and can fall out. Osteoporosis is not often diagnosed until there is a substantial bone break. Regular dental visits and proper dental care may allow an earlier diagnosis and reduce the risk of serious injury.

Bad Breath

When you notice you have persistent bad breath and it is not related to a meal you just ate, it is a sign that there is something else happening. It typically means that you have a large number of bacteria in your mouth. This often causes a nasty taste and other problems. Proper dental care can catch these issues early and prevent more significant problems from occurring. For example, according to The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, 51 million school hours are lost each year due to a dental-related illness.

Proper dental care is critical for a healthy smile and dental health, but it is also needed for overall general health. Dental health is closely related to overall health. Symptoms of other health conditions can first be detected as dental concerns.