Dos and Don’ts of Dental Care

Oct 26, 2021
Dos and Don’ts of Dental Care
People who practice regular dental care reap many benefits, including a happy, healthy smile, and increased confidence.

People who practice regular dental care reap many benefits, including a happy, healthy smile, and increased confidence. According to a recent survey, 80% of Americans aged between 18 and 49 want whiter teeth. You will gain these benefits if you do dental care correctly. Otherwise, you’ll not if you do it wrongly. The following are the dos and don’ts of dental care.

Dos of Dental Care

1. Brush Twice a Day

Brush your teeth for two minutes twice every day to keep them clean. It is also advisable to brush your teeth after eating sugary foods, which tend to erode the enamel and cause cavities.

2. Floss Daily

Apart from brushing, flossing your teeth daily is another way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Floss after brushing to remove food particles stuck in your teeth. Flossing twice a day is even better.

3. Visit Your Dentist

You should pay your dentist regular visits. A dentist will identify early signs of cavities and gum disease and help to eliminate them before they turn into big issues. It is advisable to visit your dentist every six months.

4. Eat a Mouth Healthy Diet

What you eat will make or break your dental health. Eat mouth-healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Drink enough clean water to help maintain a neutral pH in your mouth. Limit your sugar intake because it can cause cavities.

Don’ts of Dental Care

1. Use Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

Don’t use a hard-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth. The bristles are painful and can abate your gum line.

2. Forget to Wear a Mouth Guard

Don’t forget to wear a mouth guard if you’re going to play a sport with potential dental injuries like boxing and rugby. A mouth guard will prevent you from breaking your teeth and injuring your jaw, tongue, and lips.

3. Open Things with Your Teeth

Don’t use your teeth as opening tools. Refrain from using your mouth to open things like soda bottles and bags. Biting hard things with your teeth can chip one or multiple.

4. Drink Acidic Beverages

While this may sound dubious, don’t drink acidic beverages if you want your teeth to remain clean and healthy. Acidic drinks like coffee, tea, or wine can discolor your teeth and eat away your enamel.

Proper dental care is paramount if you want to have healthy teeth. Adhering to the dos and don’ts provided in this guide will help you to maintain proper oral hygiene.