Why You Should Choose Dental Bonding as the Solution to Your Teeth Problems

Feb 26, 2020
Why You Should Choose Dental Bonding as the Solution to Your Teeth Problems
Whenever you have an issue with your teeth, it is important to seek high-quality dental care from your dentist.

Whenever you have an issue with your teeth, it is important to seek high-quality dental care from your dentist. You may have stained teeth, missing teeth, or your teeth may be having chips and cracks. Dental care professionals will go the extra mile to make sure that your teeth problems are well-taken care of through quality dental care. There are many dental procedures that your dentist can apply after doing a comprehensive checkup. That is why it is important to visit your dentist so that he/she can recommend the best solution for your dental problems.

However, most patients usually require minor dental repairs for their teeth issues. For the most part, dentists prescribe dental bonding as the solution to the majority of the minor teeth repairs such as, cracked and chipped teeth. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the planting of a tooth-colored composite to the affected teeth. This may be discolored teeth or teeth with cracks.

After the composite is applied to the teeth, it is then shaped by sculpting, hardened using ultraviolet light, and finally polished to give the teeth a natural white color. Tooth bonding is popular among many patients and cosmetic dentists because it can be used for many teeth damages including tooth decay, and filling small gaps found in between teeth.

Here are more reasons why dental bonding is hugely popular among patients

1. It’s Fast and Relatively Painless

In most cases, tooth bonding requires an hour or less. Sometimes you may not require anesthesia, and you can go back to your daily schedule after teeth bonding. As the process is relatively painless, it is suitable for children between the ages of two and 17 years. Given that dental bonding is not a complicated process, it is more comfortable for most people. Patient comfort is also a major reason why dentists find dental bonding an effective method for many dental problems.

2. Convenience and Cost

Tooth bonding is convenient and multi-purpose. It can be also used to increase the size of a tooth, for instance, if one of your teeth is shorter than the others, your dentist can utilize tooth-bonding to fix it. Dental bonding is also cost-effective compared to other dental solutions such as veneers and crowns.

3. Dental Bonding Does Not Require Special Preparations

Since it is not a complex procedure, you can just walk to a dental office and have it done. However, this is after the dentist has evaluated the extent of your teeth damage as some damages may not be treated by teeth bonding. Consulting your dentist is all you need. After that, you can go ahead with tooth bonding as soon as possible.

4. Minimal Aftercare Required

Another advantage is that after the process is done, you will only be required to maintain normal dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth regularly and avoiding hard foods. Additionally, avoid biting your nails, reduce intake of coffee, tobacco, and tea. Moreover, have your teeth cleaned up by a dentist every six months. This serves to reduce the cost of maintenance, compared to other dental procedures where you have to consult a dentist more frequently. The easy maintenance increases patient comfort as one is not constantly worrying about skipping a dental appointment or forgetting to apply special toothpaste more frequently than usual.

To get the most out dental-bonding, visit your dentist so that you can have a professional opinion about the process. Your dentist will also advise if teeth-bonding is the most suitable solution for your teeth damage. This is because tooth bonding is not permanent and would, therefore, not be a good fit for severe tooth problems. However, if your dentist prescribes dental-bonding, you can be assured that the process will give you more bang for your buck, will be easy and fast, and will give you more patient comfort. To know if dental bonding is the solution to your teeth damages visit a dentist near you.