Why Every Household Needs a Family Dentist

Why Every Household Needs a Family Dentist

A recent study by the CDC shows that in 2014 alone, 83% of children aged between two and 17 visited a dentist at least once. Family dentistry handles almost all oral health issues among adults and children. Are you planning to hire a family dentist? Below are seven key reasons why you should not have a second thought about it.

Personalized Dental Services

Personalized dental services are all about trust. Trust breeds open and respectful communication between you and your dentist.

Patient comfort is a critical part of family dentistry. With a trusted dentist, all your dental care needs are in safe hands. Additionally, communication is easier, which further simplifies and makes appointment sessions livelier.

Children will also develop a liking for your family dentist, and they will be at ease to express their concerns. The openness between children and the family dentist also gives room for early diagnosis and treatment.

Paints a Clear Image of Your Dental Health

A family dentist can help you see the bigger image of your family’s dental hygiene. In most American families, parents and kids see different dentists, a practice that is not recommended because they may get different results.

Family dentistry offers specific solutions to each member of a family. For instance, you will be advised on the best brushing habits as well as which foods to avoid.

Constant Updates

Dentistry is not limited to treatment alone. The practice also focuses on routine oral care habits. Family dentists instruct patients on the best diet, and toothpaste selection, among other considerations necessary for better oral hygiene.

Additionally, dental care professionals will provide regular updates on the oral health condition of each member of your family. You will also get first-hand recommendations on the newest dentistry technologies available.

Documentation of the History of Your Oral Health

Family dentistry is known for its consistency and ability to maintaining of records. Having a common dentist for all your family members means all your dental health records will be centralized. This data will be used for your treatment many years down the line.

Through these records, your dentist will know when last you had a check-up. The documented history also provides a starting point for the next family dentist you hire. Additionally, it provides a list of treatment approaches that work best for your case and the procedures you have undergone before.

Makes Dental Care Simple

Family dentists have the experience required to treat all members of your family. As such, there is no need for each family member to hire their own. Instead, members can schedule appointments on different days to give the dentist enough time to address all oral health issues.

At the same time, you can decide to book an appointment for the whole family at a go. The ease of booking appointments makes dental care simpler and readily available to everyone.

Family Dentistry is Versatile

Unlike general dentists, family dentists offer a wide range of treatment options, so they can handle dental health issues across all ages.

Apart from offering ordinary family treatments, they can also play the role of cosmetic dentists, which involves the general appearance of the teeth. In the latter, family dentists offer preventive procedures such as dental cleaning and teeth whitening.


Family dentistry is equivalent to the traditional one-stop-shop where all services are provided in one roof. As such, you will not be required to move from one dental office to the next in search of appropriate care.

In addition, having a designated dentist means that all teeth problems emanating at the family level will be addressed in good time.

Final Word

Taking your entire household to a family dentist is such a brilliant idea with multiple benefits. Apart from convenience and versatility, their services are personalized. Are you looking for reliable dentistry services? Contact us today.

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